About Us
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Welcome to Elizabeth's Pet Sitting. My name is Elizabeth Ann Barthel originally from Santa Barbara,CA. I am a recent graduate of UC Davis with a Bachelors in Animal Science.. I started my pet sitting business six years ago providing loving tender,care for all animals in Davis. My motto "Lending a Helping Paw While You are Away" describes my passion for animals and my drive for building a stronger pet community. I have developed special bonds for all customers pets and treat them like they are my own. I offer a wide range of petcare for all types of animals. I strive to give my clients, both human and animal, the best possible in-home care available.

I would now like to introduce my pettsitting partner and long time friend Suzanne Emerson who is also exceptional with animals. Suzie assists me on pet sits,and daily dog walking . She truly has a gift with all animals.

My experience ranges from companion animals and livestock to exotics. I was an active member of the FFA and raised sheep,goats,rabbits, and turkeys. I was involved with Dog Adoption Welfare Group, Bunnies Urgently Needing Shelter, and the Animal Shelter Assistance Program. I also assisted in my local retirement home dog therapy program. I understand the needs of all animals.

I was a first generation college student and followed my dream of caring for animals by majoring in Animal Science. At UC Davis I had many great opportunites to work with professionals and experts in the rapidly changing veterinary field..and I have interned at the Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital, been a live in barn resident at the Avian Science Research Facility at UC Davis, been a part of spay day, and othe was a member of the livestock judging team in high school and for part of college. I volunteered numerous hours at local shelters and rescue organizations. I support local organations such as the Yolo County SPCA, Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue, and the Humane Society. I am am member of the Solano/ Napa Professional Meetup group for petsitters and network within the pet sitting community on a weekly basis.
When I am not attending to clients I  am busy gaining clinical and veterinary experience and can be found volunteering at Mercer Veterinary Clinic for the Homeless in Sacramento, Fix Our Feral in Oakland, FairField and Sacramento, or shadowing local dog trainers in Davis.
We look forward to serving you and your pets.